Second size dome without leaves

Second size dome without leaves

• Beautifully hand crafted products made from 100% natural Forever Roses.
• A perfect gift to create an ever lasting memory for your loved ones.
• Lasts up to 5 years without water and sunlight

<span style="\\&quot;\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\&quot;caret-color:\\&quot;" rgb(0,="\\&quot;\\&quot;" 0,="\\&quot;\\&quot;" 0);="\\&quot;\\&quot;" color:="\\&quot;\\&quot;" font-family:="\\&quot;\\&quot;" raleway,="\\&quot;\\&quot;" sans-serif;="\\&quot;\\&quot;" font-size:="\\&quot;\\&quot;" 16px;="\\&quot;\\&quot;" background-color:="\\&quot;\\&quot;" rgb(253,="\\&quot;\\&quot;" 243,="\\&quot;\\&quot;" 243);\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"="\\&quot;\\&quot;">This package comes with La Boite Rose black bag and forever rose instruction card.




Rose Colors available - gold/blue/red/black/rainbow/purple/white inside pink

  • Diameter 6.50 cm - Height 12.50 cm

Perfect For : Anniversaries | Get Well Soon | I Love You | Thank You | Baby Shower | Congratulations | Thank You For Being Here

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